Love has never met any limits

We, people always measure things. Like how far we can get. How much we can earn. How long we can stand. Hows…

Someone ask me onetime if i can explain what love is. A lot of people tried a lot of people failed. And so i say love has never met any limit. Its not too long to understand, very short actually. But i like what i said. Theres no limits in love. Loving till it hurts, giving whats beyond and sacrificing to the extent. If you think this is a kind of a joke like you sacrifice for nothing or gave everything and haven’t receive even a tiny piece you are wrong because in love you prefer to give everything and that what make love real and sincere. truly from the heart.

I am feeling this uncertainty.
I am looking at the blurs
And I cant figure it out.
I cant feel whats next.
Im afraid. :(

Not just an ordinary dream

I had a dream it was this good.. Im in a party on a hotel. Something like that. with my two girls. Shamei and lyka. We got busy  until we separated. The roof where I stayed  had fire. And Im not in a panic. I went outside. Running. I was able to survive. Then I saw some of my highschool not that close friend ( why??). Shes just there. She threw me a jacket. I dont know why. After that. I found myself alone again. Going to that resto. I saw this foreigner. And I think he’s asian too but cant speak good english.. so I continued to go to the resto. He followed. Then I went outside where there are chairs and table. I saw this big balloon. And someone hold it like a kite. It was big that even I cant carry. But then there is that balloon. A fish balloon for me. And two balloons for my girls. I dont know why its a fish. Then I saw it. Its pushing shamei’s and lyka’s balloon. Then it went to its normal way. It didnt didnt dare. It came to come closer to the 2 balloons. They flew high. And say good bye. In my left. I saw this family. They’re happy with the kids…. and I woke-up.

Kinda weird. But I need to write it. I might forget it.  it so random. I forgot. Something in my dream includes my ex boyfriend. He’s sad as I can remember. He wan in a bike. And its like we’re parting ways. He went north while I went sout. Hmm.

Am I inlove? :’)


if you want a nice body, go get it. if you want to become a lawyer, study your ass off. if you want nice hair, pick a style and get it done. stop being afraid and motivate yourself. find yourself. find your happiness, because it’s out there waiting for you.

I was once that happy kid





Just these. Wowow

I wish she had added Dudley with a magical child.

Why did I allow myself to let them see that I am worst enough that I cannot be trusted anymore. Why did I let myself be that way.I am stubborn. Shame to myself…

The result of a bad start

I wanted to cry because at the end of the road there is regret. regret alone.  No more chances no more rewinds only regret and a little hope. And at the end  of everything, there is a face of consequences. For every action you made completes your image you started.